10-Day Naturally Nourished Detox

10-Day Naturally Nourished Detox
Event on 2013-02-19 17:30:00

Have you ever wanted to do a detox but didn't know where to start, what products to use, and wondered if it really was safe? Are you looking for a way to jump-start your wellness and/or weight loss efforts in 2013?

Start the year off CLEAN! Revitalize yourself with a 10-day nutritionally and medically supported detox plan with Naturally Nourished and Ruggles Green!

Join integrative medicine dietitian and natural foods consultant Ali Miller, RD, LD of Naturally Nourished for a 10-day detox to restore balance in your body and put you on the path to optimal health!

A safe, nutritionally-supported detox can help rid the body of harmful toxins and restore balance using natural non-processed foods. You will learn about foods to include in your plan to support your body in cleansing while learning about harmful ingredients and processed foods to avoid. Beyond diet, you will learn lifestyle changes and behaviors to support optimal metabolism, energy levels, and disease prevention.

Your meal plan will provide you with abundance rather than restriction! You will learn about and taste new foods and will go home with a diverse recipe packet and grocery list to support your wellness journey. You will learn about how to incorporate natural foods into your daily routine while making connections with what you eat and how it affects your body! Focus on your detox with the tools and support you need to experience the true pleasure of clean eating!

Nutritional Detox Programs can help:

• Boost weight loss

• Identify food allergies/sensitivities

• Lower cholesterol levels

• Regulate hormonal levels

• Balance blood sugar levels

• Improve digestive health

• Increase energy levels

• Stabilize mood

• Reduce joint and muscle pain

• Improve sleep, skin, digestion, and concentration

• Regulate autoimmune and inflammatory conditions

• Decrease sugar cravings


Program Price of  per person includes:

• 90-minute education session taught by Ali Miller, RD, LD of Naturally Nourished

• 3-recipe food demonstration

• Detox/maintenance shopping and food preparation tips

• Guidance on nutritional supplementation


Registration and pre-payment is necessary for participation

at Naturally Nourished
2525 Robinhood St. Suite 1100
Houston, United States

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