10 Things You Need To Know About A Diet Chart

A Diet Chart is a guide to a list of foods to be eaten, along with their quantities. This is prescribed on the basis of any particular condition, such as disease, disorder and so on. The primary concern for a diet chart is the individuals weight, height, body mass index and sex.

1. A good diet chart acts as a self explanatory guide, to the individual who uses it. It is easy to follow and fails to require any kind of technical help for explanation of the same.

2. It indicates the amount of food to be consumed in terms of numbers, servings or sizes. For example, fruits are referred to by their sizes and numbers, whereas other foods such as cereals, pulses and so on are given in terms of number of servings. Glasses or cups are used to refer to beverages, yoghurt and other liquids.

3. In addition, a diet chart also lists down the various foods to be avoided and the foods that should be taken in restricted amounts with their quantities.

4. It encompasses the foods from all the basic five food groups. The number of servings in each category is mentioned, which helps the individual to choose wisely.

5. A diet chart gives certain alternatives within the same food group to enable variety and gives you more food options. This helps to break the monotony of the everyday diet.

6. A diet recall records a list of the foods eaten over the last 3 days. This helps to keep a check on the intake of certain foods and plan a diet plan accordingly.

7. It helps oneself to organize the daily intake in a better manner. As it covers all the food groups, it eliminates the risk of any associated deficiency disorder.

8. Benefits of certain cooking techniques, such as fermentation and sprouting are listed down to help the individual, eat in a wise manner.

9. A good diet chart lists information regarding the recommended allowances of the individual, on the basis of height, weight, activity pattern and preferences. The likes and dislikes of the individual regarding food is important for a good diet chart. For instance, the option of animal foods and the quantity of intake makes no sense for a vegetarian or vegan.

10. A diet chart also helps to stick to a strict dietary pattern, thereby avoiding all chances of over indulgence or deficiency. Other recommendations, such as exercise, physiotherapy, yoga and meditation are also listed for additional benefits.

Kevin Pederson manages websites on nutrition, diet and health. A nutritious diet ensures well being, helps to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), reduces the risk of several debilitating diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, etc.
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