14. diabetic-diet

A few nice diabetic diet images I found:

14. diabetic-diet
diabetic diet
Image by TipsTimesAdmin
Feel free to use this image but give credits to tipstimes.com/diet

Last Call, Diet Dred
diabetic diet
Image by cobalt123
Well, that’s all she wrote…

My last photo of my last decade, ta-da! I’ve had this bottle of soda pop for about a year now and finally remembered to pull it out, cool it down and then get a shot of it before I drank it. Diet Dred is one strange soda and it was the label that made me buy it at the Pop Shop. The website is a doozy too. Check out the "lable" and see photos of the creator: unknowndred.com/

BUT unless you are nostalgic for the taste of strawberry Koolaid, (the kind that you didn’t have to add sugar when mixing it up), you may want to pass on this. Unless you are diabetic, as I gather this drink is targeted for.

But at least it made a pretty and colorful image, eh? Um, I think I am going to have to celebrate with a Stone India Pale Ale about now and head for bed. When I wake up, maybe I will get the hang of this 60 business. What a concept.

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