20130424-FNS-RBN-6137 Food and Nutrition Service-Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)-Marketing Initiative

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20130424-FNS-RBN-6137 Food and Nutrition Service-Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)-Marketing Initiative
diet program
Image by USDAgov
Timothy Tosa, an employee of the food distribution warehouse of the Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos in Bernalillo, NM fills requests for residents of the Santo Domingo Pueblo near Albuquerque, NM during a tailgate, a remote food distribution service of the food distribution warehouse. Residents of the Santo Domingo Pueblo are able to shop for food through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) FoodNutrition Service (FNS) Food Distribution Program (FDPIR) on Indian Reservations. FDPIR is a federally funded program through USDA that provides commodity foods to low income American Indians and non-Indian households residing on a reservation and to households living in approved areas near a reservation that contains at least one person who is a member of a federally recognized tribe. Eligible households are certified based upon income and resource standards set by the federal government. Each month, participating households receive a food package to help them maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. USDA photo by Bob Nichols.

Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme, China
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Image by Nestlé
The objective of the programme is to improve the nutrition, health and wellness of children aged 6 -12 in both urban and rural areas, by promoting nutrition education, balanced diet, greater physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Image from page 70 of “Diet and health : with key to the calories” (1918)
diet program
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Identifier: diethealthwithke00peterich
Title: Diet and health : with key to the calories
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: Peters, Lulu Hunt, 1873-1930
Subjects: Diet Nutrition
Publisher: Chicago: Reilly and Lee Co.
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Text Appearing Before Image:
that you are or-ganically sound, that your scientific, educatedphysician has said there is nothing the matterwith you, except perhaps your nervousdisposition. Have I not been nice to you? All right,relax and watch yourseK get into the class ofthe plumptically adequate. And if you dont succeed after a faithfultrial, take the milk-cure, with its three to sixweeks absolute rest. Recapitulation 1. Calm yourseK. 2. Sleep. 3. Exercise. 4. Food. 5. Masticate 6. Delete the details. 7. Milk-cure. RecitalsWednesdayEveningsOnly Review 68 DIET AND HEALTH Review 1. Repeat Elbert Hubbards advice. 2. Give three reasons why worry can makeyou thin. 3. Define Medical Trust and Leaguefor Medical Freedom. 4. Memorize paragraph about nature 5. Enumerate the things you can eat toincrease your calories. Exercise It is practically impossible to reduce weightthrough exercise alone, unless one can do atremendous amount of it. For the food thatone eats is usually enough to cover the energylost by the exercise.

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However, exercise is a very importantfeature of any reducing program; not becauseof the fat that is burned up in the exercise—and there is some burned—but for the reasonthat it is necessary to keep one in a healthycondition. The muscles, the internal organs,the bones, the brain, are all benefited—infact, the entire system. 69 LightOn YourFeet 70 DIET AND HEALTH DutyDances Warning

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