3 Fast Ways to Lose Weight

If you are struggling to take off excess weight with an overly complicated diet that forces you to give up all the foods you love, it is time to learn some fast ways to lose weight without all the deprivation and aggravation. Losing weight is about taking care of your body, and that does not require following someone elses rules which do not fit your own lifestyle or personality.

Here are just a few fast ways to lose weight which can be worked into anyones lifestyle.

Fiber and water. Fiber is extremely important in any diet, but if you are looking for fast ways to lose weight it becomes a necessity in your daily meal plan. When fiber enters your body it soaks up water and gets bigger, which fills your stomach more and makes you feel full. You do not want to drastically increase your fiber because too much can make you feel bloated and extreme high amounts may deplete other nutrients from your body. Aim for 20-30 grams of fiber a day and increase your water intake so there is plenty fluid for the fiber to absorb. It is a good idea to slowly work up to that level if you are not used to eating a lot of fiber rich foods.

Snack Replacements. Fresh vegetables and fruit will help get you to those 20-30 grams of fiber required each day, and they are easy to work into your diet if you switch them with some of your favorite snacks. Veggies and fruits are low in calories and will give you an energy lift. If you are used to eating high amounts of food at one time, you will find that most fruits and veggies will allow you to eat more for less calories than any other snack option. You can still have your favorite snack foods, but replacing at least one or two snacks a day with fresh produce is one of the fast ways to lose weight without feeling deprived.

Increase Exercise Intensity. You may already be working an exercise program, but one of the best ways to lose weight fast is to increase the intensity on a regular basis. When you first start an exercise program you want to make sure you work at a level that is challenging for your body. You want your heart rate up and you want to sweat. With time, you will become fitter and your body will not have to work as hard to sustain that exercise, and you will start burning less calories. That is why you need to continually up the intensity as certain exercises become too easy.

With weight training you simply increase the weight you lift or resistance on the machines. With cardio, it depends on the form but there are many inexpensive products out there to help you. Weighted gloves or ankle weights can be worn during aerobics and kickboxing sessions. Walking can be turned into power walking or even into jogging and running. Stepping up on a low surface can be switched up to climbing large steps of stairs for more exertion. Get creative! Sometimes it can be as easy as adding jumps and springs to your movements.

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