3 Steps to Lose Fat for Good

Are you trying to lose fat or lose weight – or both? There are many out there who lose weight only to still look fat – just smaller. Perhaps you are one of those people and have decided this time you will get serious with a fat loss program.

Learning how to lose fat can seem overwhelming at first. But if you keep it simple and learn why people get fat, you will probably have an easier time losing and keeping it off.

Note that the first few days of any change in habits is the hardest. This is the learning process. But – cravings are intense causing many of us to fail. In addition, the markets are loaded with “light foods” and “fat free” foods that don’t work. These are nearly as bad as eating the regular version of the foods. (Do you really think that eating light baloney will help you lose weight?)

Obesity in of epidemic proportions in America at a rate of 68% of the population. The trend is growing in spite of modern diet efforts. This is blamed on hormonal imbalances, junk food, genetics and lack of self-control. We now know that any of these may be a factor in higher body fat. Unfortunately, nothing is working including modern diets and weight loss drugs. It is time for a change of philosophy.

For the past years, you have been given bad information. All of us have been misguided. For example; we get fat from eating too many calories. If it were this easy, you wouldn’t see so many starve themselves only to not lose weight. Another flaw with this thinking is that you are not told what kind of calories. You will not lose fat with a diet of 1200 cookie calories, for example.

1 – We all need dietary fats. All fats in food are bad is another lie you have been told. Some people still believe that avocados make you fat. Now we know there are different kinds of fat and some are necessary. In fact, if you do not eat “good fats,” you can cause a range of health issues from hormonal imbalances to depression and heart disease. The truth is that good fats like Omega 3’s and 6’s are needed for good health and help you lose fat!

2 – A fat loss cleanse would be more effective than you were told. The worst of the misinformation you’ve been given is that your body can cleanse itself. A “board certified nutritionist” even claimed that you can eat what you want and your body can cleanse out what it doesn’t need. This statement should make you angry. We know better than that. He is trying to convince you that if you eat what you don’t need including excess fat and calories, your body will eliminate it.

This is proven wrong every single day. Too many people are overweight and can’t lose fat. This is because if you eat too many calories, your body doesn’t eliminate them. Your body stores them! In addition, it is not just a matter of calories. It is the kind of calories that also counts.

Many of our foods are processed with chemicals that stay in the food. The problem is that your body does not have the necessary gene code to tell it what to do with man-made chemicals. This can cause problems since it is known that toxins from chemicals and even metals can be stored in the fatty areas and in the fat cells themselves.

The truth is that your body cannot cleanse on its own. The reason is that putting too much burden on the body, such as stored chemicals, will cause your body to not be able to perform its job of eliminating excess waste, or cleansing. One reason may be that recent studies have found some toxins interfere with our endocrine system and may even mimic hormones.

3 – Now for the disgusting news – humans are animals and all animals get parasites. We want to believe that because technology is so advanced and chemicals are abundant that we are immune to this problem. If this were true, then why wouldn’t we be immune to virus and bacteria? We know these exist and harm us, for even though we cannot see them we take precautions using anti-bacterial products or take antibiotics to fight them.

Parasites are a common problem which is ignored by the medical community. This is a gross subject and we don’t want to talk about it. But ignoring a problem will not eliminate it. The truth is that humans have taken action to combat parasites for centuries. Older cultures have used different forms of parasite control from taking regular garlic cloves to eating pumpkin seeds on a regular basis. It is only modern society that ignores the problem.

Parasites are known to excrete waste into the body. Waste can accumulate in the hypothalamus causing an imbalance and even inhibiting its function. This can cause your body to store more fat. Have you ever wondered why we are so addicted to junk food and cravings? If humans were prone to problems with self-control, we would have dies off centuries ago due to eating ourselves to death.

If you truly want to lose fat, then you must eliminate the cause of fat. If not – you risk getting it all right back. Helping your body cleanse is a must and using a parasite program can help many people. This can help you lose cravings, also. Eliminating processed and junk foods, eating mostly fresh fruits and veggies along with whole grains, you can start the cleansing process. When done the right way, you can gain more energy, stay younger, healthier and lose fat for good.

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