#3859 dinner: chub mackerel (マサバ) and steamed buns (小籠包)

A few nice crash diet images I found:

#3859 dinner: chub mackerel (マサバ) and steamed buns (小籠包)
crash diet
Image by Nemo’s great uncle
• 米飯(beihan) = "cooked rice"
• マサバ[真鯖](masaba) = "chub mackerel" (Scomber japonicus)
• 小籠包(J. shōronpō, xiǎolóngbāo) = "eastern Chinese steamed bun"
• みそ汁(misoshiru) = "miso soup"

#3817 lunch: egg slut plate (461 kcal)
crash diet
Image by Nemo’s great uncle
• エッグスラットプレート(eggu suratto purēto) = "egg slut plate" (461 kcal)
• エッグスラット(eggu suratto) = "egg slut" = "coddled egg on pureed potatoes"
• チーズトースト(chīzu tōsuto) = "cheese toast" (189 kcal)
• coddled egg (温泉たまご?)
• mashed potatoes (ジャガイモ)
• mini salad
→ "Eggslut (LA) is a chef driven, gourmet food concept founded in 2011, by Alvin Cailan. Eggslut is inspired by a true love for eggs. The menu is a balance of comfort and innovation, celebrating food that appeals to both novice and extreme foodie through classic comfort fare with a twist, all encompassing our key ingredient, eggs. Our goal is to share our food with everyone. No longer just a breakfast staple, we make eggs appetizing all day, everyday."
→ Wikipedia: エッグスラット(Eggslut)は、料理の一種。アメリカ西海岸のロサンゼルスで流行している。ガラス瓶の中にジャガイモのピュレと卵を入れて湯煎した卵料理。コドルド・エッグ(半熟卵)。

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