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Celebrities have always been idolized not just because of their performances but primarily because of their looks and their very well maintained bodies. Common people just dream of having a figure like these celebrities. It is actually a miracle how the celebrities shed off impressive amounts of pounds and get in shape in the quickest possible time. The answer to these questions lay in the diets that these celebrities follow. It is also important to note that there are some factors that motivate these celebrities to keep in shape. These are:

1. Incentive: the celebrities have nearly a 7-figure payout. This payout is for their looks and their glamour. Thus it acts as a strong incentive point to motivate them to keep their bodies toned and maintained. So to lose weight one must have a strong personal incentive.

2. Support: celebrities can have the best in the world and this applies to the weight loss support from nutrition experts, dieticians and trainers. As they have access to all the luxuries in the world, they can afford to hire the best of trainers who would chalk out diet plans and exercises as per individual needs.

Here are the tips that most Hollywood celebrities follow in order to look like the way they do:

A. No eating: it seems that many celebrities suffer from eating disorders. Many of them think that if they will eat, they would become fat and lose their job to others.

B. Workout as per the need: the celebrities tend to exercise as per the need. They adjust themselves to their character and workout as the need arises.

C. Surgery: if at all the diet plans cannot be followed, the celebrities always have the option of going under the knife, meaning going for a surgery. Surgery is always there as a backup plan when the weight does not goes off naturally.

D. Cross training: even if a celebrity is motivated enough to exercise, he goes in for a variety of workout plans rather than sticking to one. This eases the monotony and brings a fresh approach to exercising.

E. Only natural food: the diet plans of mostly all celebrities consist of natural foods and white flour foods are out of the equation. Processed white sugar and white food such as breads, cakes and candies are a big no-no.

F. Muscle building: most male celebrities are more concerned with muscle building than weight watching. The muscle to fat balance is what is important.

G. Yoga: many celebrities have realized the benefits of some of the Indian form of exercising such as yoga. Yoga not only rejuvenates the body, but also the mind and soul. Celebrities are fast realizing the importance of yoga and have hired personal yoga teachers to train them.

It is true that these well-toned celebrities are more motivated than others, but it is actually a part and parcel of their profession. Nobody would like to watch an ugly unfit person on the screen. So, it is natural for them to be extra-caring and careful for their bodies. Another fact is that they do have more time and money than the rest of the world. They can get the best of personal trainers and health experts to guide them through their weight losing regime.

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