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These days, excess fat in our bodies is startlingly common. In our day-to-day work life, most of us do not get enough exercise or ‘activity’ – this creates unnecessary fat stores, especially in the stomach, hips and bum areas. In additions, excess calorie intake and less physical activity are some of the key factors that lead to fat generation. If there are no daily activities or if there is no proper maintenance of our cells with the right diet, then you will put on weight.  As weight management consultants, we recommend a complete exercise and diet plan tailored for you! Be warned, you will need to incorporate daily exercise and a healthy diet into your life, not just for the short term. If you exercise properly, your lean body mass will increase and at the same time you will lose ‘fat’, all resulting in a great new body!

There are a number of magic cures, diets, ‘new revolutionary techniques’ and pills on the market; however, none of them work in the long term. The “Diet Industry” is a mounting multi-billion dollar trade but the world gets fatter with every passing day. It is absolutely not acceptable! People normally gain their weight by eating too many high calorie foods but they are doing nothing to burn those calories. Many people are using pills to lose weight. However, again, it is a temporary weight loss method, which WILL be regained when it is stopped. To keep your weight off  FOREVER, the best way to lose your weight is through a well-defined exercise routine and a diet plan. To repeat, the best way to lose weight is to not consume excess calories and do more exercises – the best way is NOT to drink a special juice or only eat beetroot for weeks on end!

 Here are some specific guidelines to exercise your body in the correct way:  we consume around 3500 calories per day (this will depend on your weight and sex). We obtain this energy by eating food. To burn off that energy, you will need to increase activities like walking, running, cycling and swimming just to improve of the level of fitness and lose weight.  If you want to reduce your body weight even further, try to limit your intake of sweets and cakes. A regular routine and diet plan will definitely help. We all know a healthy diet is a balanced diet: lots of fresh fruit and veg. As a bonus, major health problems (including stress related issues) can be cured also!

Hopefully, I have helped you to understand the best way to lose weight. So, to manage your weight you must include exercise in your daily routine. This is the best way to promote a peaceful mind and a youthful body. If you maintain your daily exercise and diet plan, you will have the energy to GO all day. As a final tip: it’s essential to drink plenty of water to keep your body well hydrated and in good working order!

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