Cabbage Soup Diet

cabbage soup diet
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When it comes to losing weight there are many different diets to chose from. In fact, there are often so many choices that it can be difficult to get started. Yet, by choosing a weight loss program and sticking with it, you can better guarantee a successful outcome.

The cabbage soup diet has been around for some time now. Many people in fact swear by it as a means to lose weight quickly.

The cabbage soup diet is designed as a way to help you lose weight through the cleansing power of cabbage. You are allowed to eat fruits, veggies, some meat and one day of rice as well on varying days of the diet.

The cabbage soup can be made in varying ways. Try using half a head of cabbage, some onions, some chicken stock or broth, celery, bell peppers and a can or two of tomatoes. Add or remove these vegetables as your taste suits. Also you can add any spices you like to the recipe for flavour.

The diet purports to allow you to lose a whopping ten pounds in one week! While this may seem unlikely, many people have reported very good success with this diet.

The cabbage soup diet is composed of eating the special type of cabbage soup described above. Alongside this soup, you are also allowed to eat some fruits and vegetables, and a little bit of rice and meat on occasion.

You are also told to drink at least four glasses of water per day. The diet works because of a reduced caloric intake alongside the benefits that come from eating a low fat, high fibre diet.

The diet should only be undertaken for seven days at a time.

It is therefore not designed as a permanent diet option, but merely as a means to kick start your weight loss.

Day One: On the first day of the diet you are allowed to eat all the fruit you desire excluding bananas as well as your cabbage soup. You are also allowed unsweetened teas, or water or cranberry juice.

Day Two: Day two of the diet involves eating all vegetables alongside your cabbage soup. No fruit is allowed on this day, but you are allowed one baked potato for dinner.

Day Three: On day three you are able to eat your soup as usual, as well as both fruits and vegetables. However, you are not allowed your baked potato today.

Day Four: On day four your diet consists of eating just bananas and skim milk. You can also still have your soup. Eat as many as six bananas if you like and drink as much skim milk as you want.

Day Five: Day five of the diet involves eating up to twenty ounces of beef and six fresh tomatoes. This day you need to be especially on top of drinking all your water in order to get rid of the uric acid from your body.

Eat your soup today as well, at least twice. You can also substitute broiled chicken (without skin) or fish for the beef. You cannot however eat two different types of meat. Choose only one and eat it up to the allotted twenty ounces.

Day Six: On this day you can eat both meat and vegetables alongside your soup. Chose one meat as described above and eat lots of veggies. When eating veggies however try to avoid those ones high in starch. This means no potatoes, not yams and probably go easy on the carrots.

Day Seven: On day seven you can add brown rice to your diet. Eat as much of it as you like and eat your soup as well.

Day seven is the last day of the diet and you can eat as much of the soup and rice as you like. You can also eat vegetables and unsweetened fruit juices as described above.

After this week you should see very noticeable results. Most people will have lost between 5-7 pounds in the week, though many people have lost as much as ten pounds in the mere seven days.

The key to success in this diet is to follow the rules exactly and drink plenty of water. You can also take a good quality multivitamin to ensure that you aren’t missing any of the nutrients your body needs.

Remember, that though this is a great way to get started with your weight loss plan, it is not a diet designed for long term use. A week is the recommended amount of time and going beyond this is not suggested.

Because the diet is only a week however it can make it more feasible for those who have trouble sticking to diet and weight loss plans. Just make sure that after the seven days you keep up a healthy diet and add regular exercise to your week in order to ensure lasting results.







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