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Lose 10 pounds of ugly fat fast – Cut off your head
lose 10 pounds
Image by benchilada
Don’t say a word, Matthew.

10 Pounds and Counting!
lose 10 pounds
Image by jazzylolo {Lauren Kennedy Photography}
I am on Jenny Craig because I work there and it is required of us. Well, I did need to lose some weight (not much but enough) and I’m definitely doing great! I have lost almost 10 pounds and almost 7 inches. The pants I am wearing in this photo I have not been able to wear since freshman year of college 5 years ago. They are about 2 sizes smaller than my other pants (which I can barely keep up anymore…annoying but great!).

I am feeling amazing. 10 pound isn’t much but I feel healthier and can’t wait to lost the rest:-) Soon these pants will be too big!!!

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