Crash diets make us lose more than weight

Crash diets make us lose more than weight
Crash diets are never good for our health in the long run, as we gain the weight we lost when we return to our normal Diet, and as it turns out, we lose our friends too. New research released by NÄ kd Wholefoods has found just how irritating we find …

Can going on a crash diet make you lose friends?
diet Crash diet is considered to be unhealthy in the long run. Followers of crash diet not only gain the weight they have lost when they return to regular diet, a survey reveals they also lose friends. The research released by Nakd Wholefoods has found …
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Matthew McConaughey's crash diet almost made him blind
Despite interest in extreme weight loss, nutrionists urge people to avoid celebrity crash diets and instead focus on a routine that will allow you to lose pounds naturally and safely. “You don't want to be losing more than one to two pounds a week …
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