Diabetes Friendly Diet

Diabetes Friendly Diet
A diabetic should follow a balanced nutritious diet. One should focus of high fiber food. More of carbohydrates must be given as complex starches rather than simple sugars as they breakdown more slowly to release glucose in blood. The presence of …
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The Low-GL diet: a revolutionary diet for diabetes?
Wendy Yaxley, 48, has been following a Low-GL Diet since she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2009. She sticks to a maximum of 40GLs a day. She has now been taken off the diabetic register and no longer suggers from blurred vision or aching joints …
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Mediterranean Diet Minus Breakfast Best Choice For Diabetics
A new study from Link√∂ping University in Sweden reveals that it is better to eat a single large meal if you are diabetic than several smaller meals throughout the day. The findings were published in a recent issue of PLOS ONE. The researchers compared …
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