Diet plan for weight loss?

Question by blake: Diet plan for weight loss?
Is there a place online i can get a diet plan for me to lose weight. I need to lose 70 pounds but I really don’t know what foods to eat. I understand fruits vegetables and all that healthy food. What I am looking for is a place I can get recipes for healthy food and a diet plan with a weekly grocery list. I don’t want to buy pre made meals.

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Answer by Ophira
Yes i found a really good online food diary where you can put all your foods (drag them) onto plates- its all visual and its It counts all the nutrition of the entire plate-fats/proteins/carbs/calories everything! You can also plan your meals ahead of time which has stopped me over eating and snacking all the time as well as people can comment on your plates and advise you on healthier alternatives. Hope that helps!!

There are also dieticians on there that you can follow who you can ask questions. They can look at your plates and advise you on better plates and lots of recipes etc. And its all free! 🙂

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