Drinks That Help with Weight Loss

Overweight worries a great many people. There is a variety of methods for people to lose weight. But the most efficient way is detoxification. Instead of medicine and food, drinks can be a good choice.

Tea is a kind of natural detoxification drinks. It promotes our digestion and help people lose weight gradually. Of various kinds of tea, the most efficient ones are dandelion tea, mint tea, ginger tea, green tea and some herbal tea. Dandelion tea plays an important role in purifying the blood and accelerating the excretion from the body, while ginger tea functions through perspiration. Green tea is also effective because it contains a substance called catethin, which promotes metabolism and consequently speeds up the intestinal peristalsis and excretion. If you like tea and you want to lose weight, you are suggested to drink some between meals.

Many people have the habit of drinking lemonade. If you need to lose weight in a short time, the first thing you should do in the morning is to drink a cup of lemonade. Lemonade would drive away all the overnight leftovers. Besides, it does not cost you much time to make lemonade.

Cabbage soup is able to help with detoxification as well. As we know, liver is an essential organ of detoxification. Research has indicated that cabbage is the best vegetable to help your liver function well. The most ideal way to eat cabbage is to make it into soup. But if you do not like a plain taste, you are advised to mix the soup with some juice.

There are also some unfamiliar drinks for you. Firstly, you can try some diluted vinegar. Vinegar usually severs as a kind of flavoring. It is so stimulating for our stomach that people should not drink it solely.

But it is rich in amino acids, certain glycolytic enzymes and various unsaturated fatty acids. If people often drink some vinegar, people would have better intestinal peristalsis and a lower content of blood fat. As vinegar is too strong a taste, people ought to dilute it before drinking.

Another kind of strange drinks is mung bean soup. Eastern people, especially Chinese and Japanese, tend to eat mung beans in the hot summer in order to cool off. Experts point out that mung bean soup is also useful in weight loss. Mung bean is a good source of vitamin B, dextrose, protein, amylase, and minerals, such as iron, calcium and phosphor. All the nutrition that it contains not only maintains the balance of ecological gut floras, but also accelerates the normal metabolism as well. As a result, it keeps people healthy and slim.

In addition to all the above drinks, honey, yoghurt and soybean milk are helpful. If you have weight problems, try these drinks.

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