How NOT to Lose Weight

How NOT to Lose Weight
If you're trying to lose weight as fast as you can don't be surprised when you're disappointed. You may lose weight quickly but it may not be fast enough to satisfy you. You may be thinner but you could also be less healthy because you're not getting …
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Fresh and Fit: 10 common weight loss mistakes
Last week, I talked about some weight loss tips to help you reach your goals, but there are a lot of ways to hinder your progress as well. … You want to lose more and lose it faster, but if you go too far with eating less, you end up crash dieting …

Living to 90 and beyond
They are checked from top to bottom every six months — their facial muscles, reflexes, balance, how they walk, how fast they can stand up and sit down and most importantly, how their minds are working. Tester: I'm gonna say and show you three words …
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