How To Lose Weight In A Week

How to drop pounds in seven days is certainly something you CAN learn, particularly if you’re feeling pressure from a deadline day. Asian women have used various strategies to lose weight quickly that can work even within just seven days, and in the following paragraphs we are going to cover some of their favorites!

How To Slim Down In 7 Days

Everybody hates to work out, but if you are going to drop pounds fast you will need to find an alternative solution.

1. I actually propose dancing to a lot of my weight reduction clients, because it allows them to burn calories rapidly while doing something the majority of them actually appreciate. Develop a playlist of your your favorite music and make a commitment to fire it up and dance to it for that entire 7 days. You’ll burn between 400 and 800 calories every hour you do it, and better yet, you’ll actually be toning your muscles at the same time (especially the thighs and butt!).

2. Walk everywhere. You must ban the elevator at work, together with every other tool that makes it easy for you to get around. Just by walking as much as possible during your normal routine you can add between 100 and 300 calories of fat burning power to your day. And many people truly enjoy walking, especially if it’s outdoors, as they find it a great time to clear their minds and relax.

3. Reduce dairy, sugars, salt, and soda. I know, I know, but then what is there left to eat? Ha-ha, yes, there are foods that are outside of that group, and they are usually protein-based: Chicken, lean meat, tofu, fish, etc. Make protein the priority for the week since it helps your body burn fat through raising the metabolism via thermogenesis, and it keeps muscles lean and strong while you’re losing pounds.

4. No coffee, tea, or alcohol for the week. Usually Asian culture advises tea for prolonged weight loss, and it’s very true as I have my own people in the course on a tea regimen. But in relation to fast weight loss in a short time, as in a week, you have to cut out all sources of caffeine, which cause your body to retain fluids by stripping away reserves too quickly (which is why we have to go to the bathroom so quickly after drinking tea!).

5. Be sure you eat 4-5 meals every day, at no more than 250 calories each. You will still feel full since protein has that consequence naturally, but more importantly your body will keep expecting to eat every 2-3 hours, and will keep your metabolism primed and active all day every day. Stop eating approximately three hours prior to going to bed and be sure you eat breakfast every day.

You’re Nearly Ready To Burn Off The Pounds

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Don’t forget to replace your soda drinks by lots of water!! kisses!
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