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The truth about your summer crash diet
January has come and gone, and we're guessing so have your resolutions. The good news? Just because it's not the beginning of the new year, doesn't mean you can't resolve yourself to lose those stubborn pounds. In fact, summer is upon us. What better …

The reason those crash diets just don't work: Rapid weight loss leads to more
It is normal to burn off some muscle on a diet, because as you get lighter you do not need as much muscle mass to move around. But it is thought that on a crash diet, the body is forced to break down extra muscle to create the protein and sugar that is …
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Shar Pei Man lost 300lbs on crash diet
A Romanian man has been nicknamed 'Shar Pei Man' because of his folds of loose skin – after losing an incredible 300lbs on a diet. Marius Stoicas now weighs in at less than 14 stone – less than half the man he used to be as a 35 stone bodyguard. And …
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