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Through my experience as a fitness and health professional, I have learned that almost everyone follows a similar pattern. Throughout the years people slowly gain more and more weight, especially around the midsection.  During which time special diets are attempted, and may work at first, but at some point motivation is lost and old habits kick in, reversing all the progress made.

Does this seem like a familiar experience? Why does everyone struggle in the same way?

The first set of dietary guidelines was provided by the USDA in 1977. The message was clear: lower fat and calorie consumption. In 1982 these guidelines were further revised to reduce daily fat intake even more. So this is what I see many people trying, cutting calories and fat from the diet. The other thing I see is obesity skyrocketing since 1982.

One would think that if cutting fat/calories is the correct way to go about fat loss, then this trend would not be seen.

It turns out that this craze over reducing fat intake has no conclusive scientific backing. Instead, more studies show that a diet low in carbs and high in fats is not only healthier, but promotes fat burn.

This actually makes sense, because of the 3 macronutrients, carbs, proteins, and fats, only fats enter your body without stimulating an insulin response.

That’s right, all carbs trigger an insulin surge in your body, even the healthy whole grains that we are told to eat.

A meal filled with carbs here and there produces perfectly normal results, but over time with a lot of carb intake, insulin resistance occurs.

Insulin resistance is a precursor to metabolic syndrome, which precedes type 2 diabetes. The consequences of insulin resistance are:

Inability to burn fat
Creating of vLDL and triglycerides by the liver
Increased midsection fat
Fatigue and sleep apnea
Poor thinking ability and memory loss
Carb cravings (sweet tooth)
Depression and anxiety

Metabolism is not “fast” or “slow” based on caloric intake. The ability to burn more fat and digest food quicker is based on the foods you choose to eat and exercise. If you add fiber to your diet, you will lose weight much faster than if you lower caloric intake to dangerous levels.

So there you have it. You don’t lose weight, because you’re choosing the wrong types of foods. By learning what things to eat and how your metabolism works, you can easily stop cravings, and create a healthy eating lifestyle that will last forever.

I have barely scratched the surface with the types of foods that need to be avoided for successful and healthy weight loss. There are many products out there filled with poison that every time it enters your body, tons of fat is created.

Please refer to the following posts to gain more information and to learn which foods should be avoided, and which help.



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