Lose Weight Fast

#1) Have a plan

This is critical. Most people don’t achieve their weight loss goals because they never develop a plan.

The truth is, if you want anything in life, you have to plan and prepare for it. It’s not going to just happen.

You need to first figure out exactly how much weight you want to lose, and when. Then you can determine how to get there. However, just knowing you want to lose weight is too generic and will not generate much progress.

#2) Break the goals into bite sized chunks

Once you have the clear goals, then you should break them down into smaller pieces. Example: you might have a goal to lose 40 pounds in year. That probably sounds pretty hard.

However, all you have to do to achieve this is drop roughly three and a half pounds a month. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? That’s less than a pound a week! This is important, because when you see yourself meeting your short term targets, you will become much more motivated, and will push yourself even harder.

#3) Eat healthier

Focus on consuming more natural foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. Fruits and vegetables in particular are ideal for weight loss.

#4) Eat more frequently

Three meals a day is not enough. You need to eat small quantities more frequently to keep the metabolism going. Shoot for consuming four times daily, spaced every 2-4 hours. Some people say you should be eating six times a day, but this is unrealistic and incredibly inconvenient.

#5) Avoid heavy foods late at night

This is mostly because you are about to go to bed.

Therefore, you will not be active, and therefore won’t be able to work off all that food you just put inside you. The body is best able to handle heavy foods in the morning and at midday.

#6) Drink more water

This cleanses the system of impurities and boosts the metabolism

#7) Lift weights

Working out obviously drops fat, which is essential for losing weight. The best fat los workout is to lift heavy weights. It’s not cardio, despite what many people think. When you combine weight training that with a good cardio routine, you will achieve the best results.

Focus on compounding workouts. These exercises target the entire body, and generate the highest metabolic rate. Examples of effective exercises are the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

#8) Keep your workouts intense

Many people think they can make up for their lack of intensity with lengthening the workout. This is false.

However, the truth is, sprinting for fifteen minutes will burn a lot more fat than jogging for sixty minutes. Vigorous exercises produce a far greater hormonal response, and in turn burn more fat.

In other words, if you are a runner, sprint as much as you can. If you are pumping iron, lift as heavy a weight as possible. The more intense the workout, the faster your fat loss will be.

The bottom line: there is no miracle cure that will help you drop pounds without dieting or exercising. If there was one, everyone would be thin. Instead, eating healthier and exercising is how to lose weight fast. Implement these eight tips and you will see results shortly.

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