Nice Loosing Weight photos

A few nice loosing weight images I found:

Gaining weight, loosing weight
loosing weight
Image by Alesa Dam
Not my dumbells, and not my candy. But the kids constructed this.
I only needed to get my camera out.

Used on
. How much weight did you gain while pregnant?
. Fefit Info: Who else thinks questions “do i need to loose weight” should be automatically blocked ?

HE LOST MORE WEIGHT!!!! Now he’s 90 grams!!!!
loosing weight
Image by Ninithedreamer
I don’t get it!!! :'( :'( I’m feeding him 4 ml’s of Critical Care a day (which is roughly 3/4’s a tsp.) plus baby food, plus a lot of oatmeal. So HOW DID HE LOOSE 15grams since Wednesday!!!???
:'( :'( :'( :'(

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