Q&A: Is yoga good for weight loss?

Question by Yogi: Is yoga good for weight loss?
I recently lost a lot of weight but I am looking to lose more. I just can’t seem to get motivated for the gym! I don’t want to bulk up and lift heavy weights. I want to tone and lose weight. Can yoga help me achieve this? So is yoga good for weight loss?

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Answer by Lucy
Yoga is very good for weight loss, and is actually perfect for what you want… You dont need much to do it and you dont need to go all the way to the gym. I started doing yoga because I didnt have time to run around and go to the gym as well .. I did want to lose some weight, and I was so surprised by how much yoga helped! It REALLY tones your entire body too!! There is a really good site I use…


It’s great because it gives you info on how to lose weight with yoga as well as nutritionally … great products too.
Good luck! Hope this helps

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