sample weekly weight loss diet plan?

Question by fayr: sample weekly weight loss diet plan?
i am looking for a diet plan for weight loss for at least a week..

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Answer by Swift Dez
A weekly diet plan is supposed to make your weight loss goal an easier task. Determination is a key when you really want things to happen. But if being on a diet is too much of a chore, then it will most likely be unsuccessful. To help you with that, you must be prepared with a “master plan” to lead you to a quick, workable, and healthier eating in so much as achieving your desired body weight.

When choosing a weekly diet plan, keep a few things in mind.

1. It helps best if you follow a seven-day diet plan that details every food that you should eat. Stick on it. This way you can also avoid eating the same food in two or three consecutive meals. Also, this will keep your body from plateauing by guessing on which type of meals you plan to eat.

2. Let’s say you’re already committed on losing weight fast. It will help you more if your diet is not only healthy but is also delicious, easy, and quick to prepare. Try different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Be creative and put a little twist in every meal. The cheaper it is the better.

3. It is important to keep it balanced with protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and good fat. You should consider a no calorie counting diet plan. Choose calorie rotation diet instead so that you won’t feel deprived or conscious every time you eat.

4. Allot an hour on your weekly diet plan everyday to exercise for fast weight improvements in your body. Do not forget to refill the lost water in your body by drinking at least eight (8) glasses of water a day.

5. Have a diet break once in every week. Your weekly diet plan should include a day for you to indulge on the foods that you want to eat. This will keep your body from plateauing and deprivation. After all, having it only once is not really bad at all.

6. You must always remember that you’re doing this in order to make you feel better and healthier. You should know that sudden change in your dietary intakes might confuse your body or lead to any vitamin or mineral deficiency. That is why it is also best that you have your dietician to help you with your weekly diet plan.

Hope it helps you in planning the good weight loss plan that suits you!

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