The Weight Loss Twins – Winners of the Biggest Loser

As a couch potato, NY police officer, Jim Germanakos was a great fan of the hit NBC reality weight-loss show The Biggest Loser. Ironically, he used to sit and watch it whilst munching away at a bucket of potato chips or pretzels. Nowadays Jim and his twin brother Bill are better known as the famous “Weight Loss Twins” who were series four champions on the show.

Weighing in at 361 and 334 pounds, Jim and Bill had been big guys all their lives. The Weight Loss Twins’ father, George, had been a big man too and had died from obesity related diseases. Despite this, Jim was an active guy, a dedicated fire-fighter and cop who liked to join in and play with his kids. He didn’t see his own weight was a big problem. His wife, Val, was a big lady too. In common with a lot of folks, they loved their food. As Jim puts it, when you reach 295lbs you just come to accept your obesity and keep going…

Until you see what it’s doing to your family! When his 16 year old son finally got himself and his father accepted on a high adventure trip for eagle scouts, Jim suddenly realised his weight could actually stand in the way of his family’s happiness. During a rigorous training session, when the coach found out that Jim weighed over 300lbs, he had to disqualify father and son from the trip. It turned out that the helicopters weren’t capable of evacuating anyone over 250lbs. His son was so disappointed he cried all the way home. He loved Jim but he couldn’t help feel that his dad had let him down. For Jim this was his slap in the face, his “Ahaa moment” and he made up his mind to do something about it – as one of the Weight Loss Twins.

So together, the Germanakos brothers, the Weight Loss Twins, auditioned for The Biggest Loser. In the first 5 weeks Jim managed to lose 54 lbs. Then he was eliminated from the competition. During the next 6 months at home, through dedication and determination, with the love and support of his wife Val, who also lost 50lbs, he lost a further 133lbs, and the Weight Loss Twins went on to win the show. Bill was the series winner and Jim scooped the “Winner of losers” prize.

Since then the Weight Loss Twins have told their stories on TV shows like Larry King Live and Entertainment tonight and have gained world-wide fame and approbation. Most importantly the Weight Loss Twins have also retained most of the fantastic weight loss they achieved during the show.

Would you like to lose some excess weight? How do your partner and family feel about your size? Just like money and drink problems, weight gain can be a big factor in marriage break-ups. How honest is your family doctor? Have they told you that the increased risks to your health due to your obesity may mean that you’ll never live to see your kids graduate or get to walk your daughter down the aisle? If so, have you had your “ahaa” moment yet? Would you like to learn exactly how the Weight Loss Twins did it? The guys have now come up with their own program, the Truth about Diets, which incorporates their Rapid Action Metabolism System or RAM system, and the Weight Loss Twins are now ready to share their secrets with you so you can shed those dreaded pounds for good!

Now the “Weight Loss Twins” can help you lose weight permanently for your long term good health. You can join their 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge and get the chance to win a Caribbean cruise vacation for 2. With the Rapid Action Metabolism (RAM) system you can not only burn away the fat you can also win great prizes. Go to the blog at now for more information about The Weight Loss Twins, your chance to win fantastic prizes and to sign up now for your free diet plan.

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