Three Ways to Crash Your Diet

We all like to think that when it comes to impossible challenges we would do better than most, in fact, it would prove to be a rare opportunity to show how different and mentally tough we actually are. Whether it’s surviving the zombie apocalypse or reacting bravely to a mugging, we like to think that we are different, special, strong and tough. However, how many people actually sabotage their own diets? If there’s one test that is both extended and extremely hard, it’s losing weight, yet instead of rising to the occasion so many people ruin their attempts by themselves. They end up sabotaging their own diets, breaking them and ruining their efforts through a lack of awareness and discipline. So read on, for in today’s article we talk about three common traps that people fall for, helping you identify them and avoid them yourself.

The first trap is coming up with special moment excuses. It’s easy to behave on a regular Tuesday afternoon, choosing to eat a salad instead of a cheese laden burrito, because this is just another regular day in your diet. But say you go back to the office and suddenly your realize it’s your boss’ birthday, and everybody is eating cake? Or say you hit your milestone of losing five pounds, and you decide that you can allow a little ‘celebration’? Or it’s a wedding, a special dinner, happy hour with old friends, any and all of these occasions can give you the faulty logic that allows you to break your diet. Don’t! Live by the rule, don’t go breaking it where convenient.

The second common slip-up is the all or nothing approach. While it’s important to identify and resist sabotaging thoughts like those mentioned in trap #1, it’s also important to realize that an all-or-nothing approach does not mean you should not allow for truly special occasions. If it is a special night, then enjoy it. Trying to be too rigid will result in your ultimately snapping. This is different because the first paragraph involves your seeking a reason to break your diet, while this allows you to plan for moments of relaxation.

Finally, be ready to forgive yourself. Too many people quit their diet once they break it, thinking that they can no longer go through with it. If you break your diet, don’t panic, but simply get back on it, and know that it’s human to make a mistake.

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