A Simple Low Fat Diet Plan

Today there seems to be a stronger desire for that strong sexy look than ever before. People love to feel the surge in pride when they are complimented on their appearance. A proper diet that is low in fat and the addition of exercise can help even the unhealthiest of people achieve fitness and health.

Below you will see some diet tips that will help you organize a low fat diet plan.

1. First it is important to make a plan. Don’t jump in head first, or you might get frustrated and quit before you make any progress. A great idea is to take some time in the evenings to plan out the meals for the next day. You should have talked to your doctor to determine the daily amount of calories that you need to lose weight, and you should plan each meal and snack around this.

2. To lose body fat it is imperative that you make healthier food choices. Some good examples include fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, meats that are low in fat, skinless chicken and fish. Stop living off the fatty junk foods that you have grown accustomed to. It is better instead to exchange these with 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. If you do this, then you can make up 4-5 smaller meals and snacks throughout the day which are healthy, and this strategy will greatly reduce hunger.

3. Be sure to stock your kitchen and refrigerator with wholesome foods that are lower in calories and better for your health. Get rid of junk foods that have excessive calories like candy bars, cookies, pastries, etc.

4. Start the day off with a good breakfast with foods that have high quantities of vitamins and nutrients. As a rule of thumb, breakfast should be organized with low fat (or fat free) milk, fruit juice, and whole grain carbohydrates.

5. Remember to drink lots of water. It is good for digestion, and it gives you a feeling of fullness.

6. Be sure to eat you meal slowly. Take time to enjoy your food, because this helps reduce hunger, which in turn causes you to eat less.

Essentially a good low fat diet will be assembled with the following food items:

• Olive oils, canola oils, nonstick cooking spray, flavored oil.
• Canned fish
• Canned vegetables and fruits like peas, carrots, corn, beets, peaches etc
• Tomato purees, sauces with no added salt.
• Legumes and grains; canned or dried black beans, pinto beans, chickpeas, barley, black- eyed peas.
• Whole wheat spaghetti, penne, lasagna sheets
• Low fat, low sodium canned soups.
• Whole grain breads, rolls and bagels, whole wheat flour, whole wheat cereals; oatmeal, bran flakes

Taking note of the items mentioned above here is a list of foods that should be avoided completely.

• Oil packed tuna and fish
• Cream soups and chowders
• Flavored pasta and rice mixes
• Gravy mixes, cheese sauces, pancake and biscuits mixes
• Sugary cereals
• Coffee creamer
• Regular mayonnaise and oil-based dishes
• Canned meats
• White bread

A well organized low fat diet plan strives to constrain daily fat consumption to a maximum of 30% of your total calories. The good news is that you can still create a great tasting meal that is satisfying as long as you don’t exceed your daily calorie limit as prescribed by your doctor. For example if your daily caloric intake is 2000 calories then 30% of that would be 600 calories per day of fatty foods per day. Now figure that each gram of fat equals approximately 9 calories, then the total daily fat consumed on a low fat diet should be no more than 66-67g of fat. Out of these 66g of fat 10% or less should be saturated fats.

There are so many weight loss products, books, pills, and foods available today. How do you know which ones work. This fat loss training guide was designed to cut through some of the clutter out there and reveal some simple steps that have been shown to help people lose weight time and time again. A good low fat diet plan is a great start to shed the extra pounds that many people have.

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