Feel Healthy To Be Healthy

Health is not only decided by what you eat or what you do, but also by what you feel. The influence of our emotions on our physical fitness is known for ages. But apparently, there is no healing methodology which uses this concept of ‘feeling healthy’ to recover from illness. Fortunately, the practice of ‘Yoga’, an activity which combines physical exercises with meditation and good thinking is a very good solution for most of the illnesses.

Yoga originated in India, promoted by the ancient sages and the Gurus. But now it is popular all over the world.  Irrespective of the disease in your body, you can get rid of it by constantly feeling good. The good emotions help your system to gear up the process of healing. But bad emotions like hatred, fear, anger, etc will aggravate the problem in your body, and make you feel more and more miserable. This initiates a cycle, by which the more miserable you feel, the sicker you become, and it goes on and on. To stop the cycle, change your emotions forcibly, and start feeling that you are recovering fast. Believe in what you feel, and expect more and more cure from the disease every day. This healthy feeling will surely cause faster recovery from the disease, and what’s more, you really get rid of it with the aid of your feelings!

There are a lot of real life examples for this concept of healing by feelings! People think that such cures are miraculous, but the logic behind it is very simple. It is the strong belief of the diseased person that he or she will be cured, which actually performs the magic. Now, you can try it on your own, and get convinced about the truth of it. After all, it’s going to cost nothing to you! To make it simple, you can make it a habit to always feel good, so that you will never get sick at all!  Besides keeping you healthy, your good feeling will also bring harmony and prosperity into your life! So why don’t you start straight away to feel good and live a wonderful life, instead of always feeling bad about our misfortunes and falling sick?

Born and living in India, I’m dedicated to the task of bringing the glory of this ancient nation into the lime light.

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